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Mankind is increasing steadily but the surface of our earth remains the same. The knowledge constrains us to find solutions by transcending the borders in your head and physically. We need to use our land more effectively and efficiently. Fruitful grounds need to be used to produce food in long run. Millions of hectares of land are coupled with millions of people who are ready to use their current existing resources efficiently and sustainably. The ability to help themselves is used both for long term livelihood of the population and securing the return of investment capital. The construction of expansion of infrastructure, education, and social structures ensure a stable life and growth. We must unite existing unused resources of nature, technology and manpower in the vision of producing and using of renewable energies. The most important aspect is the fulfillment of sustainability with its three pillars

  • Ecological engagement
  • Economical engagement
  • Social engagement


what is more ecological than using renewable energy?

To produce those energies more economically and more socially is the standard in BIOBIJALI. By using the nonfood oil plants that grow on soil that normally cannot use for economic exploitation. The simplicity of installation, maintenance and harvesting also enables people to having the possibility of adapting their ways of work and give them a meaningful task


The biggest milestone

Despite all the sustainable benefits of renewable energy sources, an implementation often fails due to financing. Again, it is through active communication and development. Despite all the sustainable benefits of renewable energy sources, an implementation often fails due to financing. Again, it is through active communication and development. As such to achieve the social and economical objectives we have adopted the application of Social finance. Many different kinds of organizations seek better methods to reach and serve those in the lowest socio-economic groups. Banks, consumer finance companies, retailers, non-profit organizations and even telecom companies are just a few examples.

 BIOBIJALI’ structure Socials Finance to install income generating Biodiesel Plantation in 3 categorically different ways


1. Help for self-help

This is the base of all possible forms of cooperation. An individual can offset his or her carbon footprint just by paying for a Biodiesel plant under “Contribute To Plant a Biodiesel Tree to Offset Your Carbon Footprint”…….more details


2. Sustainable Unite

By installing your biodiesel farm under “My Biodiesel Farm”. The development of the smallest and self functioning organizational unit (module) meets all requirement of controlled growth. This 100 ha module include installation of plants with expected oil yield of 350,000 liters Biodiesel …….more details


3. Carbon Credits

A carbon credit is a unit to measure the greenhouse gas emission reduction at an industrial level. Which means large companies can buy carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint of the company’s production of carbon dioxide. The carbon credits are then used to fund carbon footprint reduction processes around the world…….more details.

With above, we perform income generating activities from biodiesel plantation.

We specifically are looking for areas which do not allow a more economic use in the field of food production anymore. We consider degraded or unuseful soils as ideal foundations for the realization of sustainability in all matters. The grounds will not only protected by the cultivation of the shrub/trees/crops but also possibility of an economically optimal use of the catch crop. The resulting restoration of the soil works in parallel to meet an additional desertification. The local population will not only be engaged as manpower but


Social Structure Development

We let the farmers, who allow us to make the use of their grounds, take part in cultivating biodiesel crops. By doing this we create not only a long term structure (employer) but also motivate the farmers to participate more actively in taking care of the cultivated area. In turn for that not only job will be backed but they will also participating in sharing the profits. In addition to the job security, we strive to provide children with the access to very much needed education. The construction and maintenance of schools is one of our primary goals.

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