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Essential Nutrients dense Bael leaf Powder Bael leaves are extremely useful for treating diabetes, jaundice, cholera and asthma. Bael leaves are made into a poultice and used in the treatments of ophthalmia. Bael Leaf is applied to inflammations, it is also a good treatment for catarrh and fever. The leaf juice, mixed in warm water with a little pepper, is given as a drink to bring relief from wheezing and respiratory spasm. The leaf of the bael tree has been effective in reducing blood glucose level by 54 percent. It has also found to be beneficial in decreasing the blood cholesterol levels controlling the triglyceride, serum and tissue lipid profiles. The leaf extracts showed to be effective in combating many bacterial strains. Apart from bacteria, bael extracts were also effective in controlling fungal and viral infections. The antimicrobial properties are due to the presence of biochemicals such as cuminaldehyde and eugenol. The leaves also have pesticide properties in them. Leaf decoction is effective for burning sensation in the body, thirst and vomiting. The leaf is used to prepare herbal wines that treat thirst, burning sensation, vomiting, gastritis and morning sickness.  We use most delicate methods to gently preserve the unique signatures of the plant. Farm Fresh Bael leaves are harvested and healthiest leaves are selected: carefully washed to remove dust & pest with a scientific method and drained, specially dried under controlled atmospheric conditions and then certified and packed. Heat is not applied in any stage of the processing and thus the nutrient values of the leaf are retained. The dried Bael leaves are gently grinding and finely milling them into a fine powder. Thus we present finest and fresh natural Bael dries leaves powder in purest natural form  

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